70s_stereo_web213 is an impressionable age and it was the timely discovery of “Space Oddity” on her brother’s stereo that brought forth the realisation of music’s power to evoke, lift and transform the space it occupies.

Kle Savidge is one of the UK’s foremost music supervisors, with two Oscar ® nominated films and BAFTA winning films to her credit and a career in music that began as a teenager loitering-for-a-paycheque in Toronto record shops.  A holiday in London was soon deemed a permanent move, with Savidge surmising somehow that she might find herself ever more engaged in the British soundtrack that informed her youth. In the intervening years she has worked alongside the acclaimed talents of artists such as Oasis, Snow Patrol, Michael Kiwanuka, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain and gained extensive experience in all aspects of recorded music. Ultimately, of course, her successful career as a music supervisor has seen her marry her passion for music and film and rise to the top of her field, working in film, TV and advertising alongside panel and speaking engagements.